How do you choose the best service?

We have all asked ourselves this question over time, being direct consumers or having a fleet of vehicles under management.

We, BRG Transeurope, having a fleet of over 120 trucks during the 11 years of activity, believe that we have gone through all types of services and decided to share our experience with you.

Most of the time we need road assistance in moments when time is limited.
Thus, the most important thing becomes the speed and promptness with which the roadside assistance team we choose moves as quickly as possible and solves our problem.

It’s my truck and I want to be safe with it, or I want my driver to transport my goods in the safest way possible.
Thus, we need an expert to repair our truck so that it can continue on the road in the best possible way.

Most of the time, you have to schedule a few days or weeks before the repair.
The parts and the small number of employees with experience in a service lead most of the time to very long car repair times.

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